Born and raised in New York City, I'm the daughter of a jazz musician and an actress. My journey has been a fantastic mix of grit and culture. In a crazy and often mundane world, I write screenplays to remind people that life is exciting and possibilities are endless. 


I come from a community of artists and activists that inspire the dynamic characters I write. I went to boarding school in Massachusetts, which was a wild experience that I'm still trying to wrap my head around. I have a BFA in film studies from Wesleyan University in Connecticut. 

I've held various jobs in film and tv production, tended bar for several years in midtown Manhattan and worked with an NGO fighting for women's rights in war torn countries. All the while, pursuing my career as a filmmaker and telling the stories I want to tell.

Several of the short films I wrote and directed have aired on television and screened in film festivals worldwide, including, BET, Travel Channel and The CW. I appeared on a Discovery Networks series called 5 Takes Europe, which followed American filmmakers making films while backpacking through Europe. I have written for CondéNast and RKO Pictures and developed with Jeff Margolis Productions and Will Packer Media. 


My mission is to create bold and surprising stories about the underrepresented that push the envelope. This means layered, authentic characters, challenged with startling dilemmas and placed in strange, wonderful worlds. 

I am represented by A3 Artists Agency, Schulman Management Group and Cohen Gardner LLP. I live in sunny Los Angeles with my husband and two kids.